Curl Post JSON

Curl is nothing but a command-line tool that supports users to make network requests. This Curl command tool is used mainly to create a request for a JSON post by the developers in the spring boot application. And this curl command is accessible on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Post Progress with Curl:-

JSON data will be posted with the Curl command tool and for this, we are using the -X POST option and passing the JSON data with the -d command line parameter. With that we have to set content -Type to -H “Content-Type: application/json”.

The main method used in post-process for JSON data with Curl is by using the Curl command to send JSON data to the HTTP POST method. Its progress with web servers by Curl posts JSON data to the web server that rushes or runs the micro web services.

And we have to inform servers about the JSON data type by using the Curl command a header -H "Content-Type: application/json". By this, the server noticed the content type of the post as JSON data.

In the spring boot application, Restful service is stemming or generated by using Rest Controller. This Rest Controller can observe any restful site request that may have JSON data. And HTTP POST method plays the main role in the JSON data generating and sending process.

Hint:- We can handle POST JSON data processes with help of Curl, Postman, or by using programming languages such as JAVA.

How to proceed post-process with Curl?

Let’s just see with POST requests using Curl, and for this, we need to commit the following command on our command line.

Curl -X POST

Here, the -X flag defines a custom request method, and this method is notably used in the communication process with the HTTP server. But the default method is used unless some other method is stated or specified and that method is the GET method.

curl post json

How to send additional fields with our POST request?

This process will be done with the -d flag and that post request send user and pass fields along with their comparable values. An example command line is mentioned here for your reference.

Curl -d “user=user1 pass=abcd” -X P

Additional notes to know here are “ Posing additional fields with POST request with Curl’s -d flag will carry default header lines”. Check here with these model lines and note it up with your notes.

Content-Type: application/x-www-

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